The Radiology industry is highly dynamic and investment in technology plays a vital role in remaining at the forefront of diagnostic imaging.

From the outset, I-rad has recognized that technology ultimately determines the quality of service provided to both referring doctors and patients; in aiding early diagnosis of illness.

Capital investment in technology and specifically in the most advanced equipment is a core principal objective in I-rad’s operations.

Technology is more than just machines and computers. Technology needs to be utilized in a caring, personal and professional environment. Staff training and development goes hand in hand with investment in technology. I-rad conducts in-house training programs for all staff and encourages staff to attend industry orientated seminars and classes.

Some examples of capital investment in technology infrastructure:

Digital Radiology:

DR is at the forefront of the medical imaging industry offering superior diagnostic image quality ranging from subtle contrast to fine image detail. Results are immediate, with preview images being available in seconds following the exposure. This allows for immediate image confirmation and reporting.

DR enables seamless data transfer through PACS or RIS allowing for the efficient printing, archiving and even remote viewing of images.

DR is extremely time efficient as the automated digital workflow allows for the timesaving handling of both patient and administrative data via PACS and RIS integration. Patient waiting times are drastically reduced increasing patient satisfaction.

By reducing the reliance on traditional film production processes, costs are reduced and workflow improves not to mention the environmental benefits.

Digital Dental X-rays:

Digital Radiography or x-rays is the latest technology used to take dental x-rays. These new x-rays utilize a high-speed computer and allow the x-rays to be taken with up to 50% less radiation. The amount of information that can be obtained from these x-rays is significantly greater from traditional x-rays. The contrast can be adjusted to improve diagnosis and the x-rays colourised, improving early detection of problem areas. Digital X-rays can also be magnified giving detail and accuracy far exceeding traditional procedures.

RIS (Radiology Information System):

Offers exceptional radiological service to all referrers. The new RIS will streamline and improve workflow efficiencies, providing prompt turnaround of patient results.


In simple terms PACS provides information to multiple users at the same time regardless of their respective locations.
Our new PACS is enabling the future and direction of the medical/healthcare sector with new innovative approaches to workflow, data and image management, integration, the web, software and professional services.

The benefits of PACS:

Managing the ever-increasing volume of data
Managing healthcare delivery costs
Workflow management
Security of patient data
Exceptional patient digital images
Sharing and archiving of images
Web browser option/where doctors can securely log on to view paitient reports.


Working in conjunction with I-rad, Healthlink drives fast, efficient and secure electronic delivery of patient reports, fully encrypted and imported directly into the referring medical clinic’s practice management system.

I-rad Radiology: working with you for better patient health